I got this!

I got this!.jpg

I have been deep in thought…. yet again… and as any of you who read this blog regularly will know, that can tend to lead to times of verbose rambling. I am trying to do less of that this year. I am trying to be somehow quieter, in the quest to seek… less. That may sound strange. I am not going to make myself smaller, or water myself down, but I am learning to share less with those who don’t need to know as much about me.

I feel there’s a deep strength in each of us, I know there is in me. That stronger, spirited side deserves nurturing, and I no longer believe that widely sharing of my inner thoughts and feelings does that. There are things in my life which I can solve for myself, even if in only choosing to look beyond obstacles. I have my tiny group of true friends who bolster my mood with shared fits of giggles, and inappropriate humour. I am blessed to be able to bask in close love and friendship.

What more could I ever ask for? I got this! 🙂




Boots: Gos Tamara; available now at Fameshed

Pose: Gingerfish; Gloss, available now at TLC

Background: Foxcity Starstuck Booth

Hair: Runaway, Joy

jacket: Tetra, Off the shoulder leather jacket

Trousers: Blueberry, Aria stylized pants

Wings: Lassitude & Ennui Seraphim wings, black dipped, rare gacha.

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