Simple Things


It interests me that the run up to Christmas seems to be all about getting more and more of everything. We are constantly bombarded with adverts and less then subtle messages about which perfume is the greatest on the shelves, even which colour-scheme our decorations should be to ensure that our homes perfectly reflect warmth and Christmas.

I think that as I aged I became more immune to such messages. I am happy with what I have, in terms of ‘things’. When I seek to buy gifts for people, it’s never to give them the very latest item, which will have a short novelty shelf-life. I prefer to try and choose items which fit that person’s character or way of life: something to make their days better and easier; a present to make them smile, an item which shows how much I was thinking of them when I chose it.

But here I am rambling again… (some things never change!)

This all seems in such contrast to my thinking when it comes to New Year.

For the year which is to come, I wish all of my loved ones, and any of you reading this a year which is much much less.

Many of you have survived a year of such heart-break and even some I know have lived each day with debilitating illness, and the prolonged crushing exhaustion of caring for and watching the downward health-spiral of a loved one, only to have to deal with the final devastation of their death. To those Dear Ones I wish a 2019 which is free from all of that.

I know that my wish for 2019 will be to have far less. I shall aim to revel in as many of the simple pleasures, and fully enjoy the moments of quiet calm. I choose to walk the simpler path, happy in the company of those who walk that way with me.

Here’s to a year of less stress, less upset and far fewer frowns.

I wish you all a new year which will be blessed with good friendships, hearty laughter, good health and 365 days of peace.

Lots of love! ♥

One thought on “Simple Things

  1. I love this so much and its funny, I thought about how after a point…the whole concept of a Christmas present seems to have changed. Some of us really suck at picking out gifts for other people, but I love that you put so much of your heart into it. ♥

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