Simple Pleasures


In my life I have often found it to be the most simple of pleasures which bring me the most joy.

I openly describe myself as being boring, because to many that is exactly what they see me to be. I don’t mind really. I often delight in the smallest things… the simplest and most honest pleasures. They may not be the most expensive, or glitter-coated, but to me they bring such happiness.

I love to smile and share laughter with friends. There are moments when I can gain the most heart-embracing joy from simply putting headphones on and losing myself completely in good music. To draw or paint means that I wrap myself in the self-centred and selfish joy of a calm mind and clear, focused thought for a period of time, where nothing can reach me with turmoil.

How lucky I am to wake up and be able to seek to fill my day with as many of these moments as I can.

My SL shopping habits are similar, in a way. Sure, I love to collect lovely new outfits which I see appear in stores and events. Who doesn’t? Especially when SL doesn’t limit the size of our virtual closet.

How I truly do love those items which become firm favourites. You know, those things which are classically elegant, versatile, and the kind of items you know you will still be wearing time after time, year after year. Surely I can’t be the only person who has cherished items?

I truly LOVE these shoes by Gos. They are the Lady G Pumps and are available in the main store. I don’t just love the fact that the colours can be changed, I truly adore the fact that you can turn the strap on and off… and also opt for a thin, or thick heel. It makes them truly versatile. I have worn these shoes with jeans, but also with formal gowns. They are a pair which I have worn so much.

The pose is one from Gingerfish. I use her poses so often… and never tire of them. I am still inspired by ones from Gingerfish that I have had for a long time. They still seem as realistic and fresh.





Shoes: Gos, Lady G Platform Pumps

Pose: Gingerfish, Summer Samba

Dress: ISON, peggy turtleneck dress

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears

Hair: tram F728

Books: Apple Fall Design Books

Coffee: [ kunst ] – Coffee cup

Backdrop: BIGBULLY Stair Backdrops Vol. 1 – Suspended

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