I think a lot!

There’s rarely a time my mind is completely still. My vivid dreams are also proof that it doesn’t even quit at night.

Over the years of thinking, I have formed opinions…. many, many opinions *chuckles*, but where I used to share them freely, I have now learned that it’s far better to keep them to myself. Why is this? Have I decided they are wrong? No! I have learned that people all have their own ideas, right, or wrong, and rarely will they be convinced by something I have to say.

If something is important enough, I will say it, and say it loud enough to be heard, but for the most part I will keep my thoughts to myself, locked in my mind… and will simply watch.

Those who are closest to me are the few I share everything with. To them, I am an open book, and they pretty much know me. It always makes me smile when I see that one of them has read me perfectly and known exactly where my mind was heading. It’s seemingly a rare thing though, and makes those special few even more of a treasure to me.

I think my advice to a younger me would be to never stop thinking. There is much to wonder at and puzzle out in life, but not everyone needs to hear those thoughts. Not everyone deserves the value of a different perspective either.

Keep a full and busy mind!





Hair: Valentina by Truth

Top: Isabella Boho Shirt from Addams

Skirt and Belt: Calliope from Blueberry

Sandals: Sunset Mesh sandals from Rebel Hope.

Seat: .: CHEZ MOI :. WoodHammock FineTree

Taken on the lovely Gaia Calling SIM. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Kiraly/198/106/52

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