We have suddenly been graced with warm weather here in the UK. What a wonderful thing it is to stand outside and feel the sunshine warm my skin. That sensation of the warmth seeping through to my very bones is how life feels for me right now.

I stood outside my door earlier, mug of tea in one hand, and watched my dogs exploring the garden. The older one flopped in a heap, happy to soak up the sun. The younger was happy to furtle through the soil with his nose. It was one of those moments to store away as happy memories… a frozen moment of peace and calm.

I don’t know if it’s the actual sunshine brightening my thoughts and day, or if its warmth has been reflected and magnified by the happiness in which I find my days soaked at the moment… but…. life… is… good.

Yes, I still have things I am dealing with… and it’s true that the past week has brought many challenges, but how much lighter these trials seem when my heart is floating.

This is what I am trying to do: cast off the hardships; forget the wounds and insecurities, and steep myself in the positive glow of happiness and love.

Hoping that happiness and warmth finds you all! ❤



Pose: Dirty Pretty 4 from Gingerfish.

Hair: Lela from Truth.

Shoes: Daisy Heels from Reign.

Babybreath flower hair wreath from LODE

Floating pink daisies from Cureless and Disorderly

Grass from Alirium.

Lavender from Organica

Clover, Daisies and buttercups from Heart Garden Centre.

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