What a winter it has been!

I saw a meme circulating, suggesting that winter this year has been like someone angry storming back into a room over and over, declaring “And another thing..!”

It really does seem to have felt that way.

SL has the wonderful benefit of us being able to enjoy whichever season WE wish though. *grins* I admit, that for a few weeks now, the virtual me has been wearing more summery clothes whenever I can, and trying to convince myself the weather in reality isn’t as cold as it has been.

Whilst dreaming of the arrival of warmer days, I am reminded not to overlook the small signs of magic which I am blessed to see each day as nature prepares for them.

For the past few days I have been watching wood pigeons gathering sticks from the garden as a show to the others that they are preparing for spring. They have been bobbing their heads, cooing and pursuing each other with amorous advances. It’s something of a feathered soap opera played out each day.

I get much joy from watching the smaller, acrobatic blue tits, as they have been burrowing into the hedge which grows outside my kitchen window. It seems they will be setting up nests there too, alongside the resident colony of sparrows.

The tall willow tree growing at the bottom of the garden is covered in a fuzz of vivid green at the moment, as its new leaves for the year burst from their buds.

Nothing changes completely overnight, yet for me to long only for the days of summer, I would miss out on all these small, yet happy wonders happening each day…. small steps which are themselves somehow miraculous!

Wishing you all days ahead which are filled with small dashes of happiness and magic! ❤



Taken on Luane’s World

Hair: Imani- Truth

Jolie Wrap Leggings, and Kallie Mesh Crop Top – both Rebel Hope

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