“Don’t step on the lines, or the monsters will come and get you!” That is what went through my mind as I looked at this picture having taken it.

It set me off thinking. I have a vague recollection of walking along between my grandparents as a small girl, one hand in each of theirs, and as we stepped on the paving stones, that is the type of thing one of them told me. I think it was a way of turning walking into a game… to keep stepping and thinking about where to place my foot, rather than a way of scaring me. They probably said ‘bears’ rather than monsters though now I think of it. I believe that was in one of the A.A. Milne poems which were read to me when I was very young.

To date, I have managed to rise to the challenge of anything life has thrown at me. Granted, I haven’t had any bears leap out at me behind buildings though. *chuckles* Don’t we all do it though? Try at least to place our feet in the right places as we wander through life? We can’t see all the hidden traps, or predict what life has waiting around the next corner, but we can at least take one step at a time.

Oh what a surprise… I am rambling.

While I have meandered down this path, I shall indulge my mind and continue a little. I am not perfect, but this directive from the Quaker, George Fox, is very much how I try to be:

“…walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in every one”

Cheerfully is very much how I live my days. I also try to see that of God, or ‘good’ in all the people I meet. That is pretty much how I try and walk my path in life.

So now I have explained the good path that I try to tread… what of the monsters which will pounce should I stray? Well… I have come to find that none are as fierce as those which live inside myself. Too easily so much as one toe can tremble on a line, and I wobble, and a demon will rise up awoken and hungry.

Those of you who wander through the thorny thicket of my blog will be well aware of my demons, so I shall not bore you here.

What is marvelous to me, is to feel I am standing in shadows, feeling the claws of wakening demons, and then at that very moment, to find a hand reached out to me there. How wonderful it is, when I am judging myself, to find someone else showing me the good that they see in me.

We don’t always see ourselves perfectly. How can we? Our selfish perspective of ourselves is always going to be skewed! Sometimes it’s when someone tells, or shows us how they see us, from all angles, that we need to take note, and embrace that view… and them for showing it. ❤





Pose: Cultivate from Gingerfish

Hair: F603 from tram

Shirt: “Ethan” Boyfriend shirt from Giz Seorn

Trousers: Serena pants from Blueberry

Necklace: Captured Love Heart Group 1 from Maxi Gossamer

Pavilions : from LunaRosarie






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