Days seem always to fly by in a flurry of rushed and busy moments. So often I struggle to do anything more than deal with each moment and chore as quickly as I can, before the next task is thrown at me.

How wonderful it is to stop at the end of the day and take some moments of calm to reflect. I have always thought that it’s important to evaluate.

There are days when I take a little time to note there were events which I could have dealt with better, and it’s only in the quiet times when I can plan effectively how to improve myself.

There are also weeks when I have been as busy as I have recently, and also affected by a particularly stubborn cold… and yet… my times of reflection are full of smiles. How good to see the ‘to do’ list with items all firmly crossed off. There is happiness to be taken from progress made in each day.


By far the best things in my days at the moment, the richest and most joy-filled times have all come from the people that I am blessed to have in my life. Yes, we all have people that we know, who bring little more than challenges, but it’s in the quiet times at the end of the day when I can give myself the time to fully enjoy the luxury of basking in the warmth and happiness brought by true friendship. I am blessed to have a close circle of warm encouragers.

How lucky I am to wear the smile, both inside and out, which is brought by real love ❤



Hair: Halona from Truth

Jeans: Mesh Zipper Skinny Jeans by Maitreya

Shirt: Kathie from Just BECAUSE

Shoes: Oxford shoes from Deadwool

Chair: Natalia Ringchair from Trompe Loeil

Planters, topiary and plantpot shelf from Apple Fall

Campion and Hollyhock plants from Heart Garden Centre

Potted Hibiscus from Sweet Sorrows.

Cheese slate with wine, Artisan Fantasy

Step Stool with roses from Apt B

Pot with goldfish from [[RH]]

Paving from Stormwood

Path and shrubs from HPMD

Trees from 3D Trees

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