I think a lot! There’s rarely a time my mind is completely still. My vivid dreams are also proof that it doesn’t even quit at night. Over the years of thinking, I have formed opinions…. many, many opinions *chuckles*, but where I used to share them freely, I have now learned that it’s far better … More Mind-full!


We have suddenly been graced with warm weather here in the UK. What a wonderful thing it is to stand outside and feel the sunshine warm my skin. That sensation of the warmth seeping through to my very bones is how life feels for me right now. I stood outside my door earlier, mug of … More Happiness


What a winter it has been! I saw a meme circulating, suggesting that winter this year has been like someone angry storming back into a room over and over, declaring “And another thing..!” It really does seem to have felt that way. SL has the wonderful benefit of us being able to enjoy whichever season … More Dreaming


Another year older, and I can’t help but count my blessings! So much has happened over the past year. There has been a degree of change… people have drifted from my life, and I have had moments of wondering why… and if I could do anything to change events… but… I still hold fast to … More Blessed!


“Don’t step on the lines, or the monsters will come and get you!” That is what went through my mind as I looked at this picture having taken it. It set me off thinking. I have a vague recollection of walking along between my grandparents as a small girl, one hand in each of theirs, … More Monsters


  Days seem always to fly by in a flurry of rushed and busy moments. So often I struggle to do anything more than deal with each moment and chore as quickly as I can, before the next task is thrown at me. How wonderful it is to stop at the end of the day … More Reflect