Here’s the thing… it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else what, or why I do what I do. As long as I have my reasons, and my own path to follow, that is all that matters to me.

I recently did a painting of a group of sheep, and called it judging. So often… too often now we are told what to think and what to believe. When people huddle together and do not question, but allow opinions to be formed based on the word of one perspective, they risk being led cluelessly, completely down a wrong path.

I willingly state that I am opinionated. I have always been this way. I am open-minded enough to listen to an opposing view, and might even change my perspective, but I am not quick to shift.

I am also VERY aware that others judge me. Some even have the ‘balls’ to make it obvious. I do hope it’s not in the hope of getting me to run around and actively attempt to change that opinion though. *chuckles* Those close enough to me, who live life with an open mind get to see the real me, the friendly and supportive me. They don’t need to tar me with the brush of the opinions of other sheep.

The rest? I see you over there… and I walk on by!



Pose: Gypsy pose 1 by Gingerfish

Hair: Fatal by Stealthic

Clothing: Anisha ruffle blouse, Boho wrap belt, Kasita finger-harness, Ziya tiered skirt ALL from Zaara

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