Strength and beauty.


Don’t listen to people tell you how to be. That path only leads to losing yourself and you will rarely live up to what they expect or demand. Unless it’s me suggesting things to you *chuckles*… and you can probably tell that’s where this blogrant is heading.

My words are based on my own failings and years of feeling like I was banging my head against a wall, and I wouldn’t wish that same on anyone else.

So often we women are expected to be beautiful. If we do not step from our homes looking as if we just stepped from a salon, dressed in haute-couture, we are somehow made to feel sub-standard in a world which likes to tell us which fleeting things are important. Thing is, none of that really matters.

True beauty is found in strength, I think. You are entitled to disagree with me, but you won’t change my opinionated perspective. *grins*

I am so glad I am a woman. Society is even harsher with its demands on men, I think. At least we women can simply stick our tongues out and do our own sweet thing.

*steps on my soap box* Ladies… seriously though… carve a path for yourselves, but make it a good one. Don’t trample each other in the quest for something. I am truly blessed by having a few wonderful, loving and courageous female friends, but I tell you… they are made even more amazing by just how rare they are.

Yes, I have many failings… but I do also have my strengths. I have things I stand for, and stand up for.

This year in the UK, we celebrate 100 years since the first women were given the right to vote. It had been such a struggle to get the society at the time to accept that women were capable of bearing the weight of making such decisions. Both men, and women didn’t think it was something ‘the fairer sex’ were capable of. It seems unthinkable now, yet when I look at what some women concern themselves with, and how they set about things, I have to admit I feel a pang or two of disappointment.

I can’t change anyone else… just myself. This is how I carve my path and travel it.







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