I still feel your touch, like the lines on my skin….


We all touch each other in some way as we travel through life.

Yes, I try always to be the best influence that I can, to reflect the best and celebrate the light. My aim is to tread lightly and share smiles.

Too often I am struck, and at times shocked when masks slip, and in a moment I must strap on the age-tempered armour of my strength to protect myself from the pain and negativity inflicted carelessly by others.


Now and then….

I find my smile reflected in that of another. Spirits are lifted, as positive optimism, meets optimistic positivity…



This amazing pose is another from Gingerfish poses, and is one of the Bad at Love series.

Hair: Passion by Stealthic

Lingerie: Giselle by Reign

Tattoo: White Window

Belly Piercing: Misha Jesuil

BAZAR: Door Decor and Lantern

Apple Fall: Teacup and Lovebirds candle

The Loft: Chidi Candle

ChiMia: Yule Candelabra

Kalopsia: Gold and Roses Table

Consignment: Rose in vase

Skye: Warehouse Loft


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