Once Upon A Time….


…that’s how the good, familiar stories of our childhood started, right?

From what I remember, there was always the comforting feeling that no matter what disasters befell the characters, we could be assured that they would all “live happily ever after.”

Then, I am sure that like me, you discovered that life had its own fair share of challenges. Just like the characters in those old stories, we are shaped and strengthened by all we go through.

I AM that annoying person who always looks for the lesson in the hardship. Everything teaches me something… as much as it eventually drags some strength and resilience out of me which weren’t there before. Often it takes a little while to find that silver lining. At times I have a little while to wallow a little, process inwardly and try to find my feet. Those closest to me get to live through the turmoil, but the ones who truly know me give me that boost of reminding me that they know that I have the inner strength to be alright in time.

Thing is, we don’t know if a sparkly, glitter-filled, jewel-encrusted happily ever after is lurking for us just over that next mountain. We can’t skim-read our lives just to find out if the characters end up happily where they are to spend the rest of their days… nor should we.

The happiness we are luckiest to find, appears in the moment we are in. Each and every day has the opportunity to bring that heart-lifting joy in even the smallest smile, or most simple reason.

Then sometimes, when you don’t expect it, one small moment and smile, adds to another… and another.

If I can go to sleep with a smile on my face, I know I have reached where I am happy and at peace. That is my ‘happily ever after’……


…to wake up the next morning, brings an even bigger smile, and gratitude to be given the chance to possibly find yet more moments.



(Picture taken at Bookends: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lemonia/122/57/23 )

Boots: [Gos]- Triumph.

Trousers: Gizza- Emma Bib Overall (Old stock)

Top: Emery – Jyn

Hair/ Hat and headphones: Nutmeg & Entwined – Cameron

Chair: [Consignment] Mesh Wire Armchair London

Table: Fancy Decor – Round Wire Table

Typewriter: BAZAR – Stockholm Typewriter

Coffee and Biscuits: *AF* Cookie Board

Building: Trompe Loeil – Larcadia Cottage

Sign: Letterpress – Once Upon A Time








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