Snowed in!


I have always felt the need to create a home base in SL.

I also tend to pick everything up and rebuild my home environment when hard or sad times hit me. It’s a way of creating mental space, as well as starting afresh… almost a complete and utter sweeping out of negativity, I think.

This autumn I felt as if I was opening a new chapter in life. Of course my SL home had to be changed accordingly. There’s something wonderful about autumn. It’s as if the days becoming shorter and light receding make the world of my thoughts and emotions become closer, and cosier.

For where I am in my life, and particularly with all this year has thrown at me… hard… I needed to feel as if I was wrapping myself up, caring for myself and keeping the harsh and negative away from me as much as possible. My home space in SL is very much ‘me’. It’s a place where I am in a little more control of events and atmosphere. It’s a place to be calm and heal, a place to recharge and smile.

I am sure there will be more pictures taken inside my home, but of those who have so far visited, it’s been said to be “Quaint, calm and quirky”, all things I aspire to be 😉

It’s very much how I am on the other side of the screen, and a cosy cottage in the middle of a wood would be my preferred place to hide and reside.

The two visitors I have had so far found the fire burning of course, a break from the cold outside. There is always a pot of tea ready, but being me, there’s also the coffee machine ready too. Should a visitor prefer, there’s a choice of something a little stronger too. Food is ready, should it be ‘needed’. There’s a selection of cakes and biscuits, but also stew, and thanks to a gift from my friend Felipe, there is buttered toast with marmite, just to bring a smile to my face.

My SL home is very much a place for the few who are close to me to come and find a space to relax. It’s very much representative of me, my presence in a pixelated world. This offers a place of calm, a place of shelter. This is a home where there is to be laughter and conversation of any and all topics.

It’s very much the welcome I extend to those who know me on the other side of the screen too. I was told yesterday that I am very much a ‘mirror self’. It wasn’t an expression I had heard before, but the explanation was that I am just the same in SL, as I am in RL as a person. This is true, for all my issues 😉

Further self-examination this weekend made me bring the snow. I LOVE winter in SL. The snow lasts as long as we wish, as deep as possible, but never gets muddy or mushy.

So here’s the picture of my shrouded-in-snow cottage. Let me be clear, it’s in the middle of a woodland surrounded by a high wall. Unless you are invited in, you will not find it.

To those who make it past the wall, there is a set of lights to lead you to the door and a place where those few will find acceptance and warmth. A place of refuge and friendship.

However, it is not to be found by all.


House : Noelle Cottage and snow covering – Trompe Loeil (although I modified the cottage a little.)

Falling snow: Simplest Snow – DDD

Snowman: Flakey the Snowman {What Next}

Snow-covered bushes: Soy

Snow dog: Half-Deer

Mini igloo lanterns: Soy

Stone Path: {LORE}

Twinkling Ivy : DDD

Twinkling lights log : Keke

Big Log Pile : DDD

Pheasant and Blue Tit: TLC

Fox: Jian

Birdhouse: hive

Trees and grass : 3D Trees






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