It’s interesting where it is to be found. There are times when life seems to throw so many curve balls at me all at once, that I end up buried under them. Sometimes these challenging times offer me much to write about, or many ideas to place in a picture.

There are also moments when inspiration can come in the form of something completely different… something fun and a pure escape.

This is the second time that I have tried one of Gingerfish’s poses and immediately seen how I want a picture with it to look.

“Baby, it’s cold outside… if only there were a way I could persuade you to stay?”

Pose and included cupcakes and dough-nuts: Sugar Rush – Gingerfish. Available at Candy Fair 2017

Skybox : Snowed in sybox – Hive

Lanterns : Silver Alpbach Tree lanterns – {What Next}

Table : Soiree Table – Tres Blah

On table:

Moonlight lounge champagne – {anc}
Champagne tulip glasses – [Keke]
Christmas Candles – GA
Raz-day cakes – [keke]




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