Turn the page!


Ever try to read late at night, and find that all you ever do is end up re-reading the same chapter over and over… night after night and all because you started off too tired to take it all in?

Ever feel like you are stuck repeating the same chapter of your life, over and over?




POSE: Word Lust : Gingerfish. – Available at Sad November event.

SHIRT: LIT Flannel : Vinyl.

CHAISE: Amelie Swan Chaise : Trompe Loeil.

Pile of vintage books : Nutmeg

Haran Console : Lark

Harrogate Grandfather Clock, Books Occasional Table and Enamel Teapot, : Apple Fall

Gabriel’s Tin Houses : Kalopsia

Gramophone : C L A Vv.

Half-Moon Table : Fancy Decor

Lantern : .:Bee designs:.

Farmhouse Candlestick : {What Next}

Pillow Ottoman : Dust Bunny

Rustic candle holder : [ Kunst ]

Boxed cookies and coffee : Artisan Fantasy

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