Circles of Love


I admit… that I try and avoid the news these days. I don’t manage to succeed at it though, as it seems to creep into all areas of media and life. There is so much happening which has me at best shaking my head. Too much in the world seems in turmoil, or sadness, and for someone like me, it’s too easy to get bogged down in darkness and despair at it all.

So much is often made about the empty narcissism which can often fill such places as Facebook. We seem to live in an Age Of Entitlement. So often I witness an almost competition of who can shout loudest about how amazing they themselves are, that saddens me.


LOVE is a buffer to that.There’s nothing so powerful as witnessing the love that people have for each other. I am not referring to the intimate and romantic love which exists between the lucky, oh no… for this, I am talking of the caring and deep warmth of love and friendship which exists in good times, but even more in times of hardship! That love and those people form circles of love, almost as a barrier to the darker side of life.

My faith in love has been boosted in the past few hours. I knew about the “For the love of the Devil” event which was being planned. If you don’t know about it, let me share a link to give a little more information:

I heard about it from friends who were busy promoting this event which had been brought about to help a friend. People putting themselves out, giving their time to help. I saw many creators offering their items to try and help in any way. It’s the second such event in the past couple of months that I have seen…. and then shopped at. When I TPd to the event this morning, I spent a couple of moments with my mouth open, stunned by how many people were shopping there, but also just… how… many… creators had offered their crafted items for sale, just to help another.

It gave me much to think of as I shopped…

As much as times can be dark, no matter how many hardships we face, there are far more people shining their own lights, then uniting with others, to push the shadows even further away.

People… are wonderful! πŸ˜‰


I am featuring a few items from the event in this picture:


Boots: Ariana Thigh High Boots – Cynful Collection by [Gos}

Dress: The Oh! Dress – Devilish Purple by [Cynful]

Pose: Devil I love 3 by Gingerfish.

Backdrop to photo: 05 Hype-Beast Backdrop by [Bad Unicorn]

All are available at ‘For the Love of the Devil’ at

Why not indulge in a little shopping πŸ˜‰ ❀

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