Snowed in!

I have always felt the need to create a home base in SL. I also tend to pick everything up and rebuild my home environment when hard or sad times hit me. It’s a way of creating mental space, as well as starting afresh… almost a complete and utter sweeping out of negativity, I think. … More Snowed in!

Place of dreams

Find a place where you can dream, a place where the wind can ruffle your hair and blow the finest thoughts from your mind. The day is yours. Let the cry of the gulls call and encourage you. The colours of sun shall paint you a vision, one of happiness. What is stopping you…. but … More Place of dreams

Turn the page!

Ever try to read late at night, and find that all you ever do is end up re-reading the same chapter over and over… night after night and all because you started off too tired to take it all in? Ever feel like you are stuck repeating the same chapter of your life, over and … More Turn the page!

Circles of Love

I admit… that I try and avoid the news these days. I don’t manage to succeed at it though, as it seems to creep into all areas of media and life. There is so much happening which has me at best shaking my head. Too much in the world seems in turmoil, or sadness, and … More Circles of Love