Things happen to us in life.

“Shit happens”

Some of you who know me, know that I tend to worry, trying to avoid problems before they occur, but not everything is under my control. You would have thought that I could have accepted this before the age of 46! *chuckles* It’s hard to. It’s hard to hold my hands up, shrug my shoulders and simply move on. It seems so defeatist, yet to simply accept and deal with upset of the moment is far simpler, in the long-run, than engaging in that other thing to which I am predisposed: beating myself up over things.


sigh at what has happened, and what has been lost…

take some time to get used to how things have changed…

rebuild and refocus…

find that smile again and realise…

nothing has to change me, and who I am unless I want it to. There is much which is good and positive about me. I can lift my chin and smile, look around me at the other wonderful things and people which do remain and smile at how they affect me, and how I am able to contribute positively.

Peace, acceptance, calm, lightness….

Picture taken on the wonderful Savor Serenity in SL:

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