Life is a constant bombardment. It seems like every moment of every hour brings an assault on our senses from all angles: noise; colour, thoughts and demands. It is too easy to drown in it all

That is when I pour a coffee, close my eyes, and pause.

Sometimes all I can do is stop and take a breath. It is in these moments of quiet that I can hear what is truly important. This is when I can focus on what is needed.

Moments of quiet are essential for me. It’s like turning the power off…. and on again.



Hair:         Wasabi Pills – Mango

Shirt:         ISON – yso tied shirt

Shorts:       Blueberry – Lola

Shoes:        VALE KOER – Bow wedges

Sofa:           BAZAR – Berlin

Table:         BAZAR – Toronto Coffee Table

Flowers:    CONSIGNMENT – Calla Lily

Coffee:       Apple Fall – Coffee and Muffin


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