Thorns and duty.


It’s been a while since I brought anything from Briarhaven….. so here’s something from the continued meddlings of a fairy called Mora 😉


Mora chuckles as she is almost hauled through The Glade, Bug pulling one hand, and Dandy the other. The fae children gabble at her about thorns and silks being torn. “Hang on, slow down… only one of you talk at a time!” she urges. Both children pause, look at the other, then start again. Mora laughs louder and pulls back against both, making them stop. “Now…” She looks at Dandy “YOU tell me what the matter is!”

The young girl fairy takes a deep breath, then gabbles quickly, her already high-pitched voice raising with excitement “They all appeared overnight… just are… there… they have covered the throne… ” “CHAIR!” Bug chimes in “It’s just a chair!”

Bug decides a more direct approach is needed and grabs Mora’s hand again, dragging her to the entrance to the Seelie ruins. Her eyes widen with joy as she sees the thorns “Ohhhh…. I see what you mean!” Bug lets her hand go and she steps into the ruins, and walks carefully towards the mass of thorns.

Mora’s bare toes wriggle into the grass and moss, as she softly speaks to the tangle of thorns, reaching out her long fingers and gently caressing the gnarled and twisted stems. Bug and Dandy watch her silently, amazed at how deftly her fingers slide between even the most angry and jagged thorns, leaving not even the slightest scrape on her pale skin.

If the children had been closer and knew the words of the ancients they might have heard her speak to the thorns. “Who sent you, I know you were not called by me….. but one of power has brought you forth.” Her fingers and toes read the reply as small vibrations are carried to her through the very earth itself. No words that others would hear, but from her connection to all plants living, Mora understands their answer, as they are relieved to feel her there. “The King who wields the power of winter and ice called us here… we know not why.”

A soft smile plays at the corners of Mora’s mouth, then grows wider as her fingers continue to stroke and calm the thorns. “Perhaps he turns from the unnatural way of arcane magic, and returns to his given powers as King of the Enchanted” She softly muses to herself, before chanting to the thorns “Well, my lovelies, in that case, if the King has bidden it, you must remain here, but despair not… create a barrier of beauty and flourish.” The thorns seem to almost tremble a sigh as they twist and curve tighter in on themselves, creating a barrier which can not be easily penetrated, but one which is beautiful to behold in structure.

Bug and Dandy look amazed at Mora as she turns back to them. “Aren’t you going to get rid of them?” Dandy asks. Mora smiles and places her hand on the girl’s head. “Goodness no. It seems King Pyrite called them here, and as he is our King, it is not for me to remove them. ” She looks back to the thorns, then back to the children. “I tell you something though… they would appreciate it if you sang to them now and then. Plants like that… even ones that are good at keeping others away…. especially those, as they provide protection at times.” She grins, knowing the children will learn and tend to the thorns and in time, if left long enough roses may spring from some, and brambles from others.


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