Clear the tracks!


Life is all about moving forwards.

I am willing to admit that sometimes I find it too easy to slip into the comfortable rut of complacency. Spend too long there though, and before I know what’s happened, the tracks of my life have become overgrown and I am actually going nowhere, sinking into the midden of missed opportunities.

I read something the other day which suggested something along the lines of, “Life teaches you the same lesson over and over, until you have learned.” I don’t subscribe to the idea that somewhere an ethereal being plans the events of each day, aiming repeated obstacles in my path until I have demonstrated that I know how to stumble over them. I do however, firmly believe that it is up to me to stop smacking my head against the same walls over and over.

Rather than view things as my own personal failures, I need to hold my head up and accept that not every mistake was mine to make. There can be peace in accepting that I did all I could in a certain situation, and even with certain people.

It is, however, up to me to clear the tracks and get my life rolling again.

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