The bravery of baring.


It takes bravery to open up to someone else, whether in friendship, or something more.


If you are as open as I am (rightly, or wrongly), it can be like taking all the pages of your life and throwing them in the air to be read. All boxed secrets are emptied in time to be exposed and scrutinized.


I never know how someone will react to me though. So often once someone gets to truly see, or know me, they either run away, or spend time making me jump through hoops to convince them to stay in my life.


How wonderful it is to sit and speak with someone, and have them nod and tell me they totally understand, then swap some deep-held part of themselves which matches, or overlaps. How much joy those people bring!


I lament those who back away from me. Those shared secrets cannot ever be boxed away again, or forgotten. My life’s pages cannot be bound back into their book and the cover closed. Each day brings new possibilities in life, and it’s always hard to see lost chances, especially which have come from some aspect of me which is too much, too deep, or just too muddled to be understood.


I treasure those who match me in bravery and am strengthened and made richer through their friendship.


One thought on “The bravery of baring.

  1. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get! However when you do get the odd bit of Brazil nut or Turkish delight, you work around it and appreciate how it make all of the other chocolate look and taste better


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