Join me?



Sit in the calm stillness of a new day… the first of a brand new month.

Take a deep breath and inhale the tingling promise of days as yet un-lived.

Breathe out the tiredness and sadness, the moments of desperation of times finished with. Those days are gone and you owe it to yourself to let them go.

Fill your lungs with the sparkling positivity of the unknown.


We live in a time where there is so much uncertainty and encroaching darkness. We should challenge it and burn as brightly as each of us can.

Look outside yourself and notice others. If you too know how it is to be mocked or punished. If you have known times when you felt so small you couldn’t be seen, try and notice those who cower in shadows. Something as simple as a smile or “Hello!” could make all the difference to them in that moment.

We are not meant to live as islands. We each influence the others we know and meet. Try, like me, to see that of yourself in those you meet. Don’t look for what makes us different, but seek and rejoice in the similarities.

It is time to reclaim happiness! Time to banish the dark thoughts and chains of regret. The world itself does enough to cast shade these days. Happiness is our own responsibility. It is often difficult to maintain, and requires being fought for.


Then again, nothing worth having is easily obtained… and happiness through love is very much worth sharing and having.


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