The joy of floating.


Life… is relentless. Like the ocean it carries us without ever seeming to slow.

I know that one day I will sail off the edge of the sea of my life, but I hope that is a long way off yet and that I have no clue of its approach.

I can neither halt the flow of life, nor truly change its direction. All I can do… all I MUST do is keep myself watertight and ride out the storms. Luckily, I have survived this far even when faced with waves far taller than myself which would have smashed and drowned me had they been able. They were not strong enough!

I have learned that the storms do not last, and once calmed life is better, perception clearer. It is in those moments of calm that I am able to see my life as it really is. Oh how the colours of each sky make my heart skip for joy. The twinkling crest of each ripple magnifies the brilliance and glow of each ray of sun, splitting it into beams of dancing happiness.

Life is good and worth each day of being able to live it!


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