Daily Life In The Glade

A tale from Briarhaven:

Mora smiled as she looked over the edge of the balcony at the front of her treehouse. There was much to see going on in the glade below. The everday life of the Glade was always wonderful to observe. There were pockets of fae and pixies chatting, their laughter echoing around the treetops. Smells of cooking wafted up on the breeze and made Mora’s mouth water. Folding her arms she smiled at the birds who hungrily had flocked to peck up the crumbs she shared with them each day.

Taking to her wings the fairy soared to the ground, chuckling as she startled a couple of rabbits. “You have no need to worry. See! There’s a stew already on the go for the day.” Her laughter was joined by two more high-pitched giggles.

Spinning on her toe, she caught a flash of yellow behind her, a patch of red darting to the other side. The fairy grinned to herself, but appeared to anger and growl, but all in play as she threw out her arms, swishing them this way, then the other as she tried to catch the fairy children. She didn’t try too hard though, and chased after them, their howls of laughter echoing around the glade.

The other Enchanteds going about their day dodged out of the way as the three figures blustered through the undergrowth, whooping in play. Marigold stopped stirring the large pot of stew, and waved a spoon at the youngsters. “Shall I help you with them, Sister Mora?” She winked at Mora, who merely grinned even wider and winked back.

“Aye! You catch one trouble-maker, and I shall catch the other.”

Marigold gave chase after Bug as he dashed past her, his red wings buzzing as Mora turned the other way, the yellow dress of Dandy only just ahead of her now. The fun soon stopped though as Dandy flew straight into the chest of one of Pyrite’s goblins, winding him with a loud “Oof!”

“Why you little creature!” It spat out, reluctant to suddenly find himself the focus of the many eyes watching them.

Mora stepped up and pushed Dandy behind her, pulling herself up as tall as she can. She could feel the youngster trembling behind her and a moment of stillness gripped the Glade, until Mora fixed the goblin with one of her brightest smiles. She tilted her head “Vishik, isn’t it? You are quite a warrior, and extremely quick of reflex to catch this one for me. Thank you! I shall see she is… dealt with” She placed a hand on the goblin’s arm, and a ripple of green moved across her skin, matching a shiver which Vishik felt rush up his arm.

The goblin was visibly flustered, his guttural words catching in his throat. “Aye… aye… well… see… you… do.” He managed to compose himself and turned back towards the encampment “I have more important things to do than mind the ways of children.” Vishik straightened himself and stomped back to the camp, seeming to ignore the hushed giggles of those behind him.

Mora chuckled, but when Vishik was out of earshot, she turned to look at Dandy behind her, stooping so her eyes were on a level with the youngster’s. “Now then, Missy… it seems you need to learn something from this.” Mora placed one arm around Dandy, and then looked to Bug. “You two need to put some time into practicing your flying skills. You need to be able to fly at speed without colliding with things.” Mora smiled gently “I will help you. It’s one of our strengths. If you have wings, you may as well use them to their best! For now, go and spend time chasing each other and use up some of that energy. Our lessons can start tomorrow.”

Mora stood back up as the youngsters sped off and life returned to normal in the Glade. She folded her arms “You never know when you might need those skills…..” She whispered after Bug and Dandy.


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