Share your smile!

Never underestimate the power of a simple smile.

Your smile is one of the most powerful gifts that you can share with the world. Too often days can be filled with the dull gloom of the pressures of life and the unavoidable chores that it brings. Your smile offers the best of you, your light to someone else. You never know when your smile might be one that makes all the difference in someone’s day.

I am blessed. I have those who bring such light to my life with smiles, both the ones they share with me, but also the smiles I return to them. Life is better and warmer for these moments and those who bring them. There are a special few who can brighten an entire day with a simple smile, or a moment of shared laughter.

Whatever happens in your day, try and pause to share yourself with someone else. It might be a text, an email, a smile or a hug. Just a simple “How are you? You have been on my mind” can make all the difference to someone, and whatever they are going through it can lead them back to a moment of warmth and happiness.

Be the bounding smile of happiness which bounces into the gloom of someone’s day! 😉


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