What a year!

What a year!

2016 has brought some lovely moments but also seems to have thrown up its fair share of heartache and obstacles to the world.

I have been thinking of writing this for a few days now, but the enormity of the year had swamped me. Even in its final days, it seemed impossible to turn on the news without hearing of the sadness of someone influential passing.

2016 seems to have been the year which stripped us of so many well-loved celebrities. I have heard so much of people complaining that there are those of us who lament the passing of people that we never really knew anyway. I think those who say such things are wrong. I think that we all had a relationship with those ‘celebrities’ who have passed and who we miss. Their public work had an impact on many of us.

To pick a few small examples, Princess Leia taught me as a young girl, that it was far better to roll up your sleeves and play an active part, rather simply play the damsel in distress. The music of George Michael and David Bowie were there colouring the background of my youth. All I need is to hear one of their songs, close my eyes and be transported back to a time and place which is as preserved in my memory as the tunes and words.

This is just a glimpse into the shock that the year has dealt with each piece of sad news… news that those people can not bring anything new to us.

They will never truly be lost to us though. Their films, books and music will remain… as will their influence on each of us. They helped shape us to who we are now.

My own life this year has brought some great highs, but then has smashed me down low again. At times I have wondered why life can’t be a more level or even ride, but perhaps that would be too boring? Living is an adventure, and so it should be! There are two sides to all things, a balance to be found, so it stands to reason that the most wonderful moments have also to be evened out at some point.

I keep looking forwards though. As much as I drag some of my baggage and the scars of my past with me, the only thing to do is keep walking on.

On reflecting on this year and all its events, it’s occurred to me that one mistake at this time, is to look at the whole year, the enormous mountain of it all. It has left me standing almost mute and confused to look back, and consider all that has happened, and all that I have learned about myself, life, and others.

The coming year will be dealt with one day at a time, and I need to remember there’s no harm in only treating it that way. Each day is a gift. I can choose to start the day smiling, grateful for what I have been given and who I am. There is much about me I need to change. I can only do that in small chunks.

There are times when it is better not to look at the big picture, I think. Perhaps next year will be one where I can find much enjoyment in the pleasures of each day rather than chiding myself for not being further on, being better, or being more of what I am not.

To any of you reading this, I wish you peace. I wish you peace of mind and heart. I hope you can look to the sky and realise that you are loved, worthy and a uniquely important part of the world.

I wish you a happy New Year and the joy and excitement of brand new pages in the book of your life which are simply waiting for you to write and draw all over.


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