The party is over.


She slid slowly back from the arm of the sofa, hoping to feel its comfort as it caught her. Her fall was broken, but no support offered.

The party was over.

She was alone.

Lying there in the stillness of the empty space, she stared at the ceiling and wondered ‘What next?’

She knew the only thing she could do was haul herself up and leave this place. Where once there had been the ringing of happiness and hope, there was nothing but the deafening silence of loss.

To remain in this vacuum would suck away the last vestiges of joy, yet she knew that to break from it, was an acceptance that everything had changed for her.

She had neither the spirit, nor strength to budge. The effort was too great and her heart too heavy.

It would be less effort to simply resist change and moulder there. Too exhausted to try, she might simply be destined to join the ranks of the forgotten.



2 thoughts on “The party is over.

  1. *looks up at her beloved Nephew and smiles*
    How very like you to do that! So often in my dark times, you find me and sit with me…. and without me noticing you doing it, you bring the smiles and light back! I love you! ❤


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