Everything has a use.

Mora flew as fast as possible back to the village. The guards on the gate jumped at the whoosh of air as she flew, but then relaxed when they saw it was only her. They were well used to the comings and goings of the strange fairy. She cleared the walls and landed in the garden, the small bluebird still chirping in her ear. “Shhhh… let me see if there’s anything I can do.” she said softly, kneeling as she took the small sodden bundle from the pocket in her warm skirt.

The bluebird hopped from her shoulder and down her arm as it peered sadly at all that remained of its mate after King Pyrite had frozen it. It had thawed, held close to the fairy’s warmth all this time, and now simply lay there dripping, yet still motionless. Its mate looked imploringly back up at the fairy. Mora moved her other hand to her neck, feeling the bramble strand she wore there move slightly to let her fingers reach the crystal which hung around her neck.

Closing her hand around it, the fairy also closed her eyes and let her thoughts and wishes float from her heart and mind towards the crystal. She didn’t need to see to know it had started to glow. She felt its warmth filling her body, as her will was amplified by it and added to by the connection she had opened to the creation stone back in her original hive.

Mora blocked her feelings of doubt and let the warmth of healing flow down her arm to where the lifeless bundle lay. She knew deep down that it was useless. She knew there was still no sign of spark in the bird’s body. It was with great sadness that she opened her eyes again and saw the still living mate nudging and pecking at its lost companion, as if in encouragement.


The fairy let go of the crystal and gently stroked one finger across the head of the living bird. “It’s no use.” She whispered. “He’s gone. I can’t bring him back.” The bird looked at her, head tilted to one side. Mora didn’t know if it understood her, but for her, it was as much the tone of voice she used with creature as much as anything else.

“We must find somewhere… safe for him now.” She placed the living bird back on her shoulder and moved to the tree growing by the wall. The fairy continued to speak to the bird. “He will rest here and then this tree will be renewed by him.” Mora placed the lifeless bird on the ground and scraped away some of the soil at the base of the tree. She placed the small body in the hole and covered it back over.

She placed one hand on the surface of the soil, the other back around her crystal. She let her thoughts flow once more, but this time into the soil. She felt the roots of the tree vibrate gently as they heard her hopes, her soft words cascading as if a mesmerising song in her ancient tongue.

“Winter is coming soon and while you sleep, oh Tree, let this small spark sleep with you, then as the days warm and the soil warms, take his joy and strength up into you and let him reach once more to the skies.”

Once she had finished, Mora placed her hand on the bark of the tree, her spirit and energy emptied. She stood slowly and with halting steps started back towards her home. She spoke to the female bluebird as she walked. “You can come and live with Tal and I. Winter winds and cold will not harm you for you can sleep in the rafters of our home. You need a name though.” She stopped as she thought. It had been a tiring day and Pyrite’s words had dampened her usual cheerfulness. “Viola! You are a reminder to look out for small flowers which will herald the coming warmer weather. Seasons always move forwards and Pyrite ought to remember that.”

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