Sometimes having a little information, is less help than having none at all! (Continued from Briarhaven)


Mora took herself to the library and slipped through the door as quietly as she could. Closing the door behind her, she leaned back against it and let out a breath as she looked all around her. There were books and scrolls to work her way through. She might have asked someone for guidance, but on second thoughts, she didn’t want to admit any concerns to anyone, before she was sure.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the solid support of the door, her thoughts busy and jumbled. “What did she think had happened? After all, she had no real idea, just a nagging worry which was marching up and down the back of her neck, demanding her attention.

So two men had walked into her in the village. Was it really such a strange thing? She calmed herself and continued the silent dialogue with the thoughts in her head. It was not just that they had pushed her hard, it was the look in their eyes. It was the fact they hadn’t seen noticed what happened, or had even seen her.

That dull look in their eyes had brought memory flooding back to her. She had seen men look that way before. Back when she had been a mere youngster, she had been used to seeing how her sisters would ensnare men and tempt them back to the hive. Once they tired of their new toys, her sisters would set them free. The men would no longer have sense of direction, balance or even how to walk. Many would simply be destined to live their days wandering lost in the woods.

Mora’s fist pounded against the door behind her. It was something that she detested her kin for. The males were treated as mere play things. She had never forgotten the empty stare of the abandoned men though, and these men in the village shared that hollowness.

Mora sighed as she moved towards the table in the centre of the room. For all the wisdom contained within the stone walls, she had no idea where to start searching for a way to ease the situation of these men.

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