I like to paint digitally on my computer. I start off with a plain base layer, then build up the image with transparent layers placed one over another. As I paint on each, the picture is formed, but allows me the flexibility of going back to amend each different part. It also allows me the flexibility of turning off individual layers, if I wish.


I am like a digital painting. There’s the basic layer of age, sex and nationality, but then each ‘quirky’ part of who I am and all I have done is placed over it. Very few people get to see all layers though. For some it’s that they don’t choose to see them all, but then again for others it’s that I don’t trust or wish them to see all.


I do not have one way of being. As many varied things make me happy, as do those which make me feel truly fulfilled. Each is as important to the overall picture of me, as the next. There is much of me to truly accept, if you are someone who says they accept and care for me. I am not the kind of person that everyone relates to, and that’s OK. There are many who dislike me and avoid me, but actually that doesn’t matter either. I like me and although I see others and try to help them if they need me, I am not going to chase anyone to encourage them to see the better of my layers.


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