Look to the skies!


Mora sighed and slung her quiver and bow over one shoulder as she stepped onto her balcony. She walked to where her plants grew in their pots by the table outside her door. Stooping, she carefully pulled up a tendril from the ivy and coiled one around each wrist. She whispered soft words, almost tuneful as the soft vibrations moved along the stems. The crystal at her neck glowed dimly as she plucked a strand of bramble stem and wound it around her neck, smiling as she felt the leaves seem to caress her skin.

It had been a long time since she had been able to ask the advice of Minn when it came to matters of the village, and with Talathel not yet home, she had no one to rely on but her own senses. Things in The Glade had worried her slightly the night before and it was no longer as simple as keeping watch over the village. She needed to be more evident. She ensured her quiver and bow were safely in place, before flapping her wings, and silently lifting a few feet into the air.

The fairy flew across the land pausing now and then to check she was unobserved, before firing an arrow at a coloured leaf lying on the ground. She grinned as she pierced her target each time, then swooped quickly and silently to collect the arrow. “No point in wasting any!” She placed it back in the quiver, smiling at not being out of practice after all these years. She maintained height and flew with no more noise than a gentle breeze ruffling the autumn trees as she crossed the land towards The Glade of the Enchanteds.

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