Trusted companions


As soon as she sat down one of the dogs joined her on the chair. The other came to nose at her. She smiled at one, and then the other as she wrapped her arm around her companion on the chair. “I miss him too. He will be home soon.” she added, and as if they understood, both dogs wagged their tails in response.

She ran her fingers along the silken ear of the one standing on the floor and watched the evening light reflect in his eyes. Dropping her voice to a whisper she spoke softly. “I tell you, I do love him so much.” She looked from the one on the ground, to the one at her side. “I can trust you with my secrets, can’t I?” Once again the fidgeting hounds wagged their tails, as if in reply.

She chuckled to herself. With something so obvious, it could hardly be considered a secret. She sank back into the chair, as the dogs wriggled even closer, content to wait for familiar footsteps to announce their master’s return.

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