Strengthening silk.

I sit in the depths of my web, at the centre of my life.

I was not created to be an island. None of us were. Every person we meet and every place we go builds a link between them and us forming a connection.

I had forgotten something though; time, words and actions can let the silk become stretched to the point where it is too thin to hold. My words and actions, just as those of others can tear destructive holes in the web, replacing the vibrations of life, with the dead silence of nothingness. For you see, if we sit in the middle of our life and are aware of all around us, we can feel the truth and vibrancy of who we are.

That is where I woke up, sitting amidst the tattered remnants of what had once been something built of strong and intricate beauty. I had neglected myself and my life. I was left with only a few thin and flimsy strands which luckily for me were anchored to a few remaining strong points.

The realisation of where I was stranded was greatly shocking, but prompted me to do something before all else was lost to me.

Firstly I reached out to those anchor points and found some of them threw me more line from themselves, firming up our links. It let me put my head down, weather the storm a little and look to my own talents. There’s no point trying to lash yourself to others if there’s no firm foundation to yourself first. In my writing and my painting I rediscovered the part of me which is worthy. I regained the confidence that even I can see there are some things I do well. Each work strengthened a line within myself. These are the things that no other person should be able to take from me. These are the framework structure of me on which all else is attached.

When I looked up, I was blessed to see my anchors weaving more and more strands between us. Many of those will now hold much stronger because I know they need to be nurtured and maintained.

Some gaps in the net can never be mended. The places they were attached to have moved too far away, or simply are no longer to be seen. I must not lament their passing, but rather look to form new links elsewhere.

If we sit in the centre of our lives, much as a spider does in her web, we are truly aware and connected. Look to your silk, tend your lines of connection and do not mourn those strands which have been destroyed. If they cannot be rebuilt, seek new ones to add to the beautiful web which is your life.



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