I like to paint digitally on my computer. I start off with a plain base layer, then build up the image with transparent layers placed one over another. As I paint on each, the picture is formed, but allows me the flexibility of going back to amend each different part. It also allows me … More Layers

Look to the skies!

Mora sighed and slung her quiver and bow over one shoulder as she stepped onto her balcony. She walked to where her plants grew in their pots by the table outside her door. Stooping, she carefully pulled up a tendril from the ivy and coiled one around each wrist. She whispered soft words, almost tuneful … More Look to the skies!


The air hung heavy with the scent of change. Leaves were mourning the loss of the long days of baking sunlight and  instead were changing colour to reflect its warmth. The fairy ran her fingertips along a brilliant yellow leaf and found herself torn between sadness and joy. This splash of vivid colour was something … More Change

Locked away.

I don’t think we ever stop learning in life. Whatever each day might bring to us be it bad or good, if we can learn something from it, it was worthwhile.   If you are someone like me, it’s easier to hear the lesson than put into practice what it demands of me.   I … More Locked away.