Weighed down.

I am nothing special. I am just like everyone else. We claim to be unique and individual, yet there are more things which link us, than set us apart.

Like you I carry worries. I carry the hopes of others and their needs on my shoulders. Sometimes that weight becomes too much and it pulls at my heart causing it to feel more like a rock, than a soaring bird.

These are the times when I feel other things even more acutely, yet my weariness and worries have me trapped in a world of muffled pain. It is here where I am powerless I can’t find the right words to explain myself. I misunderstand others. It would be simpler to say nothing, and keep the tired smile on my face, surely?

I seem unable to do this. I try and speak up. I try and sort things out, attempting to fight the problems which keep me caged. Deep inside me is the hope that if I say something, everything can be sorted out. Yet all I do is create even more misunderstandings and problems, for myself and others.

So here I remain, in the dark, a prisoner of my wish to speak up and try and make things right.

Perhaps I am unique in this? Perhaps I am not.


The picture uses one of the lovely textures from Evelyn Flint: https://www.flickr.com/photos/evelynflint/sets/72157651745473636/

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