So where to now?

I know I haven’t been brought completely to rock bottom. There are still many people who have way less than me. I am grateful for all I have, yet my spirits have felt pulled right down to the bottom of emotional darkness. It has given me so much to think about, some of it to … More So where to now?

Fight on!

Life takes its toll on us. Cares, worries, pain and loss of health impact our emotional well-being as much as our physical. I know many people hate the inspirational quotes we see around us. I find such wonder in some of them. After all, many have come from the clearest thinking or deepest considering philosophers … More Fight on!

So weary!

You know, it saddens me. I am no good at following the advice I offer those who ask it, (HA!) but over the past few days I have had so many conversations with dear people who as far as I can see do no wrong to others, yet they tell me how unworthy they feel. … More So weary!

Fragile beauty.

  Mora sets out from the village to cast her eye over the plants which grow in the woods outside. She stops to smile at a rabbit and crouches down and quietly offers it some lush grass, and is rewarded by it approaching her to enjoy her offering. She stops on the bridge and draws … More Fragile beauty.

Weighed down.

I am nothing special. I am just like everyone else. We claim to be unique and individual, yet there are more things which link us, than set us apart. Like you I carry worries. I carry the hopes of others and their needs on my shoulders. Sometimes that weight becomes too much and it pulls … More Weighed down.

The Mad Woman

  Her calm was found in the dark depths of the wood where she had parked her caravan many years before. Her home was a place of ornate and painted beauty, which contained all the comforts she needed. Named after the Ancients, most only knew her as ‘The Mad Woman’ and would do all they … More The Mad Woman