Finding peace. (A story of Mora and Tal)

Mora stood in the middle of the forest clearing and closed her eyes. She let the night time envelop her as the smells and sounds pervaded her awareness. The fairy forced herself to focus on the noises, telling herself it was a way of keeping her senses sharp, but in truth she was in need of distraction.

A noise to her left caused her to tilt her head. She didn’t need her sight to know it was a rabbit. As the wind changed direction, proof reached her nose. A sudden snuffling to the right alerted her to a large hedgehog picking its way through the undergrowth in search of slugs to chomp on.

The reality was that this task was far too easy to keep her attention for too long, and soon enough her mind had wandered off, plummeting to the depths that her heart had fallen to. Soon her elf needed to go away. He had something to attend to, yet had ignored her pleas to accompany him. She knew he was placing himself in danger, but that it was something which must be done. He insisted her place was in Briarhaven and that her bow and eye might be needed there. No matter how much the small fairy had tried to insist, Tal was resolute and had silenced any arguments with a barrage of kisses.

Mora was an impatient creature and her Love could not tell her how long he would be away from her. She felt sure he was keeping some of the details secret to spare her worry, but it only allowed her to imagine the worst. She stamped her small foot into the moss of the forest as she let her frustration grab her for a moment. The hedgehog and rabbit stopped moving for a second, before hurrying off in the opposite direction from her. The fairy’s wings slumped. She hadn’t meant to disturb the creatures, but this was the place she felt free to let her smile slip.

Out in the forest was a place she felt at peace. Here she could simply be and let nature hold her close and safe in a place she belonged. She let her tears run silently, safe in the knowledge that he would not see them here and feel bad that he could not stop them. Since the day they had first met, Mora had not left Tal’s side. They had not been apart and had journeyed places together. Setting up home in Briarhaven together had been a wonderful, new chapter to their life story and all had been happy until the day he Tal had received a letter.

Her thoughts took her back to that day. It was the last day they had spent without this shadow hanging over them. She could picture him as clearly now as she had seen him that day as he stood grimy from his work in the forge, reading the letter by the window. The memory of that day stopped her tears and brought a warm smile to the Fairy’s face. He was the most handsome creature, even covered in soot and grime. She knew he would return to her as soon as he was able, and once again their days would be filled with love, laughter and light. Even as she stood in the middle of the forest, Mora could imagine the light of their days.

The fairy gasped with alarm. This was not the light of her dreaming, this light was real. Her eyes flickered open and her wings readied themselves in case she needed to escape, but the sight that greeted her caused them to flutter softly with happiness. Scores of small lights were lifting from the moss and grass of the forest floor, and were dancing around her. She knew they were tiny insects greeting a fellow wing-wearer, yet there was something so magical and happy as they danced before her, that it warmed her heart. Smiling, the fairy looked at them and followed their progress into the sky as they lifted the darkness with them. “Time passes!” She whispered to herself. “His time away from me will pass, and soon he will return to my arms.” Her wings fluttered and lifted her from the ground as she joined the fireflies in their night-time dance.



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