Partial view.

We only ever see the parts of someone that they choose to show. They might be hiding the best for later, but equally there might be craziness hidden.

Time will tell if there’s more wonder to be revealed, or if there’s a mask which will slowly slip off to show the seething mass of dark toxicity just under the surface!

Take time to get to know people. Enjoy each day and moment as your knowledge grows. Revel in each layer of a new and potential friend as it is shown to you. As one who has made many mistakes and offered some people more patience and kindness than the reality of their true self merits, I urge you not to withhold kindness. Encourage and support others, but never give too much that you lose yourself… or your perspective.

Once you see a mask slip and you find yourself staring into the abyss of a selfish manipulator, do yourself a favour and create as much distance between you and them as you can. Recognise them for the leech that they are, meet their gaze and let them know you see their putrid reality, before removing them from your life.

For the genuine people you can truly delight in, let your time with them add more and more colour to your image of them, as well as increased detail. Let each day place stitch after stitch into the tapestry being created of your friendship, adding brilliance and definition, but also wonderful strength.



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