Light limits darkness.


Everything is a matter of perspective and balance. If I turn my face to the sun in the day, or let it be bathed in the glow of the moon at night, I might need to close my eyes to save them from being blinded. Yet to those who stand behind me see, all they see is my shadowy outline. They perceive only my darkness.

The moon does not shine with her own light, but she chooses to stand in the darkness and bathe the earth with reflected light from the sun. At night, when the shadows grow larger and creep ever closer, it is the light from the moon which limits them, covering everything in silvery splendour as it does.

From where you stand and watch, you may see only my darkness. You could proclaim to any that would listen that I have no discerning features. You would be mistaken, but I do understand your problem. Standing in the grasp of shadows it is hard for you to see anything clearly. You only trust what your eyes can actually see. Too few seem able to imagine the light on the other side, which limits the shade.


I am truly blessed. I have those in my life who are like the sun. One word from them, even a simple hello, and warmth and light floods my day. The light they radiate is not simply their own though. They are vessels for a brighter light, a greater warmth. I could simply absorb it. I would be easy to take all and keep it selfishly to myself, but far better turn my face to the darkness and reflect their ideas, suggestions and positivity outwards, to limit the power of the shadows where others stand.



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