Through the window

John wasn’t sure if he was awake or asleep as he slowly became aware of his surroundings. He couldn’t see anything, but was gripped with a sense of fear. He tried to move, but found he couldn’t.

That was when he heard her. Her heels clicked as she slowly walked towards him. “Shhhhhhh…!” She said, her voice soft and calming. He couldn’t see her and was sure his eyes were covered, yet still he lifted his head to where her voice seemed to be. He felt the thud as she placed her foot between his legs on the chair and wriggled it closer to him, then leaned her body towards him. Her finger pressed gently to his cheek. “Now then… are you going to tell me what you were doing creeping round inside my home?” she cooed to him. She stroked her finger down his cheek, then tilted it to lightly scrape her nail tip along his jaw.

“The… the window was open.” he managed to stutter, his voice catching slightly in his dry throat.

Soft laughter reached his ears. “Oh really? And… do you consider that to have been an invitation?” He couldn’t see what it was, but the thing which dragged over his neck and chest felt very different to her finger. It stroked up his chest and lightly stroked over his top lip, filling his nostrils with the scent of leather. “Don’t you know that sneaking into someone’s private house could land you in all kinds of trouble?” He could tell from her voice that there was smile in her words, but any sense of peace soon evaporated as the crack of the crop being smacked against the chair made him jump. “Mmmmhmmm… anything could happen to the poor little fly who chose to enter into the spider’s web.”

His arms must be tied he decided. He wriggled slightly but was held fast. He took deep breaths and tried to calm himself. It would do him no good to panic, he needed to use his years of training to survive this. He had been sent there to find out a little more about her. He would be expected to report back and if he didn’t make his timed call they would be looking for him. Even though he could see nothing, he closed his eyes, slowed his breathing and retreated in his mind to his calm place, allowing the comfort of darkness to cocoon him.


Lis tilted her head to one side and looked at the man. She pursed her lips a little as she noticed his body calm and relax visibly. This was no simple burglar. This was someone who knew how to behave when captured. She let a grin spread over her face. She had a few tricks that she was sure he hadn’t met before, well at least not in such circumstances.

She leaned closer to him, letting her breath blow gently over his forehead as she reached behind his head, gently unfastening the blindfold. She knew the scent of jasmine she wore would fill his senses and wherever he had disappeared in his mind, it would invade there after him. She watched him carefully and noted that he did not open his eyes. Nodding her head a little, she was impressed at his control.

She moved her hand towards his cheek and let it hover there a little, knowing her warmth would follow her scent into his subconscious. There wasn’t going to be any hiding from her. As her hand moved closer to his face, her efforts were rewarded with a slight flinch. “Ah… so I have found you.” she whispered softly. She turned her hand and lightly stroked his cheek with the back of his fingers.

John’s eyes flew open. This was not what he expected, or had been prepared for. He drew a sharp breath as he found himself looking into a pair of deep brown eyes, which sparkled in the light from the windows. Her red lips spread into a smile and although his senses told him to beware, he could feel the reaction her closeness was bringing from him. He opened his mouth slightly as he looked at the leather corset she was wearing and thigh boots. This was not at all what he was prepared for.

Lis raised an eyebrow as she noted his gaze moving over her. She tutted softly, clicking her tongue in her mouth. “Now now… as much as a captive audience might excite others, it does nothing for me. We have much to discuss before anything of a pleasant nature might pass between us. ” She offered him a genuine smile. “You do have nice eyes though.” She said, then chuckled lightly at the flush of colour to his cheeks.

John looked to the floor, hoping she hadn’t seen how she had awoken his body. He could cope with denial, and pain, but had a feeling that he was going to be putty in this woman’s hands before too long.



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