The opinions of the unhappy have herded us all, like lemmings, and whether we wish it or not, we have been thrown into the abyss. I am trying to work through my thoughts here, so please bear with me as they are still a jumble of fury, mixed with deep darkness.


I have never understood those who do not vote, especially as a woman. In the past people died to get that right for me and I have always used it. I would like to see all people use their right too, and don’t understand apathy. Each time there is an election over here, there are many who are proud to proclaim they don’t vote, either because they don’t know who to vote for, or because they don’t trust politicians. The whole thing about voting is that you DO ask questions, find information, challenge people… and if things aren’t right, it is your chance to try and change things.


I see so much on Facebook against the British at the moment. I thought I would try and explain a little of what it is like to be in Britain at the moment. I am aware that some of you reading this may also be over here, and delighting in the fact that you perceive the referendum to have been a success and that we have taken back control, but you will have to forgive the fact that I can’t see any reason to celebrate taking the decision to step back in time and at best limit our possibilities.


To me it was an absolute no-brainer. Of course we MUST remain in Europe. So much of what we take for granted has come as a direct result of being part of the EU. Workers’ rights exist and are protected above and beyond what we had already.


Sorry, this is all going to be a little disorganised.


The leave campaign shocked me. It truly did. Nobody claimed the EU was perfect, but while we were in it, we sat at the table and were involved in writing the rules and directives. The exit campaign revolved around the fact these rules and control were imposed on us by faceless Europeans. Rubbish! We helped write them all.


There was much made of the figure of £350, 000 000 which apparently goes to Europe each week. The leave campaign stated they would rather give that amount to the National Health Service. People swallowed that. The thing is, that amount which goes to the EU, also comes back in different forms. We have access to grants. Much of our Arts over here are supported by it, as are health and services in the more remote parts of the British Isles. Roads have been built and maintained in parts of the Scottish Highlands. Most amazingly after the results were in, Cornwall, which is a small and rural area at the extreme South West of England which had voted to LEAVE, was then seeking assurance that it wouldn’t lose its EU funding. If you are not a part of something and don’t contribute, how on earth do you expect them to give you hand-outs? We will now be worse off and that £350, 000 000 will more than be needed to patch up the holes.


Almost half of the UK’s manufacture and production heads to the EU. We have been lucky within the EU to compete with the other countries on a level base. That will change, just as most of us knew it would if we left. It was only the leave campaign who told people nothing would change and for some reason the rest of the EU would still be as kind to us in trade circles.


By far the biggest issue the Leave campaign focused on was immigration… and this is where other countries ought to take note. It needled at people, predominantly the older generation. It was little more than “They come over here taking our jobs.” It was left for misunderstanding to appear and for people not to see it as people from the EU itself, but to start to look at those from other countries too. It hit a raw nerve with many and seemed to make them think that by voting to leave, all not born in the UK would be sent home, and at the very least the borders would be closed. They didn’t listen to the answers which were openly discussed in the news and papers. To pull out of the EU, anyone seeking to settle in the UK will no longer be held in the camps of Calais, they will be held in the South of England…. And good luck policing that!


All who I know woke on Friday and simply couldn’t believe the news. Some of you know that I was up before they were all in and I sat watching the figures on the net, hoping it was going to sway to remain. Scotland and Ireland are now looking to break away from the UK and if they got a vote on it now, it would be a done deal. Scotland voted completely and with a huge majority to remain in Europe. My city did too, but our voice was swallowed in the short-sighted votes of areas who will be very hard hit by this.


It all got worse though. Within a few hours of the result being declared, the leave campaign leaders retracted their fanciful promised, branding them mistakes. They have even gone so far as to say that the Health Service may now need to be privately run. I firmly believe those running the leave campaign did it solely for personal, selfish reasons. Waking up to the grim reality of what they had led the nation into they looked very sober indeed though. The days since have involved much back pedalling by them on what they said. They now say they never promised to limit immigration but that they hope in time it might lessen a little. It was a campaign of lies!


The significant majority of those below 50 voted to remain, but it was swung by the older generation. It is appalling that our younger generation have been chained to uncertainty by those who won’t have to suffer it as long as them. What I truly don’t understand though, are the vast numbers of Leave Voters who have now been interviewed on the TV and news, almost being wheeled out as a strange kind of bearded lady. They voted Leave… but… aren’t sure why and if they were given a new vote today, would apparently vote to remain. What… the… fuck? Educate yourselves BEFORE voting! Many said they didn’t think it would happen and it was just them hitting back at the establishment, a way of showing they were disenchanted by politics. I really don’t have anything polite about that.


So what now? Is that it? I bloody hope not! One of the Leave Campaigners said in May that if the vote were to go 52% remain and 48% stay, there would be another referendum. Well… the figures are almost the same, but the vote the other way. A petition has been put together for us to have a second referendum. Of course I signed it. Within hours it had enough signatures that Parliament MUST now debate it. Only this afternoon a MP formally requested that Parliament decide not to go with it. The referendum was only a consultation with the public and it’s really not worth destroying the Union and prospects of the UK based on lies and the selfishness of a few career politicians. I am active on Twitter and it’s fair to say it exploded when the result came in and hasn’t stopped. Anti Brexit rallies are planned. Perhaps this is a chance for the disinterested to realise that if they don’t step up and become informed decisions are made which shaft them.


I cling to hope and pray a way forward is found!


I am a proud Brit.. and European!

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