The Crystal



Mora frowned as she saw the small bundle of damp fur. Without a second thought, she fell to her knees, never noticing the creeping cold as the damp from the mud seeped into the leather of her britches. She wasn’t even sure what it was, only that its chest moved now and then with laboured breathing. One hand went instinctively to the crystal worn around her neck and she gently placed her other hand over the sodden creature, closing her eyes.


She needed to concentrate to take energy from the crystal that she wore. It was a small shard from the Creation Crystal which was at the heart of the hive she had once called home. The Crystal had always been there, a thing of legend with her kin. It didn’t matter how many small pieces should fall from it, the Crystal never grew smaller. If anything it would seem to grow with each new moon, growing both in beauty and light.


Each of her brothers and sisters wore a piece of it. It acted as the web of a spider, something to link them all together when needed, wherever they might have wandered to. It had been a while since Mora had stood there with them all, and yet as she held her amulet now, she could feel them. Her crystal pulsed with light and energy, almost as if the life blood of her kind.


Her mouth did not utter the words she chanted, they formed in her mind, and flowed through her being and into the crystal she wore around her neck. Without even realising, each crystal of her kin answered her call, and resonated in unison, amplifying the wishes of the small fae and giving the energy she called for. This was not a call for herself though, this was a call for help, for this small one who had been caught in the rains overnight. A small creature she had found stuck in the mud, soaked and fighting to hold onto life.


Her hand lightly moved over the creature, her fingers moving gently as the warmth from the crystal moved through her and into the animal. Energy pulsed as it moved through the very bones of the fairy, her fingertips stroking through wet pelt and providing a channel for the living warmth to pour into the very centre of the struggling being.


Mora didn’t have to open her eyes to know it was working. She could feel her energy added to that from the crystal as she gave it to the one in need. She could feel the soaking bundle starting to move under her hand and eventually a small head nudged up at her, a soft ‘Meow’ bringing joy to her ears. Mora slumped back into the mud, tired from her effort, but a wide smile broke on her face as her eyes saw the small kitten, now trying to stand in the mud. “Be calm, Little One.” The fairy said, and scooped the now noisy youngster from its muddy trap and gently held it to her. “You will be alright now.” As if it understood, the kitten snuggled close to Mora, and curled itself into her arms, just as tired as the fairy, but purring with happiness.

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