Mora walked back over the bridge, having left Minn to her ponderings. She turned towards the direction Minn had indicated and smoothed down her gown. “Well, I guess now would be a good time as any to find where my kin live.” She picked her way carefully back towards her new home, minded to walk, rather than fly.


She walked up to the group of horses she had met the day before and greeted them with a cheery “Hello.” Each of the animals snickered and flicked their tails in recognition of the fairy. Mora was in no hurry, so spent a few moments gathering grass and offering it to her new friends. Had anyone been watching her, they would have probably chuckled at the one-sided conversation between fairy and horses, but to Mora, she didn’t need words from them. It was enough that she spoke to them. After all, they were her neighbours now and she wanted them to know she would be a good friend to them.


Eventually she turned back to the direction she needed to head and after offering her goodbyes, the fairy walked further into the trees. Suddenly she stopped and smiled. She waited and listened. Yes, there it was again. A small giggle came from over to her left. She turned her head and caught a flash of pale blue as it dashed between branches. “Well hello to you!” She called after the sprite and was rewarded with yet more giggling.


Mora gathered her skirts and ran a few steps, before her wings lifted her easily after the lightning bolt of blue which dashed ahead of her. Now it was her turn to join in the giggles as they both swooped and swirled between the trees, before slowing. Mora landed carefully and looked around her. She was in a clearing of the forest, but saw such beauty that it took her breath for a moment. All manner of creatures moved around her, the air was thick with sparkles of sunlight reflecting on the wings of butterflies. This was indeed a beautiful and enchanted place.


Surely she had managed to find the home of the others of her kind….



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