A Study In Scarlet (Credit for the title goes to Mr. A. Conan Doyle.)



Red is my favourite colour. I don’t remember how old I was when I first realised this, but it is a hue which has been chosen over others throughout my life.


It is true to say that it stands out from the crowd and is noticed. I have often combined it with others to provide a shot of brightness to an otherwise drab outfit. Nature herself uses it to send us messages though, but often it is one of danger. She kindly informs us that something should not be touched or consumed, because it has the ability to at least injure the observer, should they choose to heed the warning.


It is often used as a colour associated with love, or passion though, being it a colour so associated with the heart. Of course the heart is at the centre of our being and pumps precious blood throughout our bodies, but blood must be spilled, or the heart removed for it to be seen. On further musing, perhaps there is indeed a warning there too.


For me, it is also very much a colour of warmth. The red tones of fire light, or from a sunset, can bring such feelings of wellness and deep happiness. Red brings comfort, and cosiness. It is a colour always to be found in my home, and in all the homes I have ever lived in. It will always be this way, for it is very much… me.




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