I stand in the distance and let my eyes survey the panorama. I can only see everything from my perspective, but sometimes it’s better than where you others stand, embroiled in the sweat and tears, deafened by the clamour of the battlefield.

No need to worry, my input is not needed. In times long passed, I would only be able to communicate over distance by way of flags waved or messenger sent. Nothing that transpires today has anything to do with me, yet I watch sadly at the loss of heart and spirit of others as the battle rages behind masks of fixed smiles and platitudes.

In earlier years I might have joined you. I might have taken up arms and rode to stand alongside, but as I look down over my ancient and battered armour I can still feel the remaining weaknesses of old battle wounds healed to the eye, yet still felt clearly by the soul.

Youthful folly is no longer mine. Should I be needed, here will I stand and watch. Time passing has worn away my patience and taken the sweetness from my words, but has strengthened my heart and will. What will be, will be and untouched, I will remain here.


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