Enjoy the moment on the swing.


It is impossible to remain in the same state from day to day. Life is to be lived, and to live it is as if we are on a swing, or standing on a board which is balanced precariously on a ball.

Even if we were ourselves able to stand still, the planet and those around us are in constant movement, throwing us into shade or bright sunlight as time passes.

Nothing remains the same, nor should it.

All we have for sure is the moment we are in. The pressure is always  there to make it the best moment that we can: to make ourselves the best selves that we can be; to be there for all those around us.

This moment is too short to risk losing to the darkness of that pressure though. The creeping sense of potential failure or self-doubt is all too ready to throw us into shade and steal success from us.

Far better to bask in the warmth of the shaft of sunlight which has found us at that time and smile. Sit on the swing, kick out your legs and recall the great joy that comes from the simple pleasure of child-like enjoyment.

Perhaps it is in seeing that joy that others will indeed be influenced and want that peace for themselves…


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