So often things threaten us, either our safety or even the well-being of our hearts and minds. When this happens, what should we do? Is it better to hide, or to place our backs against something solid and prepare to battle back, to make a stand and shout “Enough!”

I fight many things in life, but I rejoice in that struggle. It reminds me I am not done yet, I am still living. For too many years of my life I simply sat back, defeated, believing I deserved all that was dealt to me.

No person can save us from our struggles, no ‘body’ can fight the battle for us. It’s something we have to pull ourselves from, yet there’s nothing we face in life which isn’t made just a little easier by the support and encouragement of others. Some act as a reminder of which path we should be treading, some remind us not to look down, but to keep our eyes upwards and facing forwards, but in all that we have the strength buried in ourselves to keep going.

There is that spark deep at the heart of each of us which continues to burn at all times, even if at times it’s hard to remember it’s there. Don’t worry, it is. It needs only a small breath of self-belief to fan its flames into a raging blaze.

I am honest with myself, there is much of me which is good and light, but there are parts of me which seem to sit in the endless shadow of self-doubt, of feeling each and every past wound. Far too often I feel the crushing weight of failure, the feeling that in how I am, I place weight on those around me and cause them to suffer too.

Surely it would be easier to simply give up? I don’t though… I grit my teeth and fight back….




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