Past, present and future.

I have long since been a believer that the only time you should look to your past is to measure just how far you have come and celebrate that fact.

I believe that life is very much like going for a very long hike, but one where each of us has our own specific path. The fun thing is that at different times, our paths cross with those of others and for a while we get to walk along and have someone to talk and laugh with, but then we might change jobs, move homes or cities and paths move apart again.

There are times when friends hurt us. I am old enough now to realise that everything happens for a reason. There was something we were meant to learn about them, about ourselves or it was a way of getting us back on our path and not be distracted. As hard as it was at the time, it was actually a good thing in the end.

So often life seems to be compared to standing in a hallway, where doors are being continuously opened and closed. We are encouraged to close the door on those who we have fallen out of friendship with, to bolt the door and move on and never look back.

Life has decided to teach me another lesson in the past few weeks, possibly to prove to me that we are never too old to keep learning.

Life’s path can take you away from the path of someone you used to know well. Things happened back then to push you apart, yet… rather than that being a final lock on that particular door, you can spend years apart, growing, changing, improving, then bump into each other again… and seemingly find that the sharp edges on each other that used to cause ‘blisters’ on your hike, are no longer there. You can greet each other warmly as friends and pick up where you started from, but build a new friendship with a firmer base and new things to share.The Present2

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